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Trauma-Informed Parenting Magazine – Issue 5 out September 2023 (SCHOOLS SPECIAL)

In this issue, Daniel and Anne discuss trauma-informed teaching, while Hannah shares how her alternative education centre, Wickselm House Learning Centre CIC, supports children’s emotional and social needs to help them reintegrate into school. Sair explores compassion fatigue in teaching, provides a recap on the signs and symptoms to look out for and strategies to prevent teachers from slipping into compassion fatigue.

We also have an NATP resource that identifies the pre-birth and post-birth indicators of early trauma and how to support children with early life in the school environment, and Emma discusses why some children cannot fit into the traditional school system with the help of some children who have been unable to attend for significant reasons..

We are all looking forward to sharing our topics from the book with you at our upcoming conference, which is being held on Thursday 19th October, in Coventry. More information about the conference and how to book tickets can be found on the Inspire Training group website at

To read Issue 5 of the magazine subscribe here.

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