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Issue 9 TIPs magazine out on Monday 20th May

This edition of the Trauma-Informed Parents (TIPs) Magazine provides an insightful preview of what to expect during the upcoming Conference. The magazine features a range of renowned experts in the field, including Sarah Naish, Sarah Dillon, and Jane Mitchell, who will be the main speakers at the International Conference. Readers can get a glimpse of what these speakers will be discussing and what they can expect from the event.


Furthermore, the magazine includes a section on parental mental health and well-being, written by Mary-Joy Johnson, a psychotherapist, founder of Wildways Therapy and an associate member of The Haven Parenting and Wellbeing Centre. Mary-Joy discusses the importance of finding "glimmers" of hope and offers practical advice to support parents in achieving emotional stability and balance.


Another highlight of this issue is the exploration of the groundbreaking psychosensory technique, Havening. Dr Kate Truitt, a clinical psychologist, neuroscientist, best-selling author, and developer of the Havening Techniques, explains how the Havening Technique can support emotional regulation in children and young people. She also provides some practical tools to assist readers and their families.


The magazine also features an intriguing perspective from Dan Boxall-Simpson, a Therapeutic Foster Parent and Independent Vice Chair for two therapeutic fostering agencies. Dan shares his insights into what it's like to be an independent vice-chair in a therapeutically focused and trauma-informed panel and offers a unique perspective on foster parenting.


Finally, the magazine includes an Ask the Experts section that answers parenting questions and a roundup of upcoming events and training within CoECT for the next three months. If readers are interested in writing an article or advertising with TIPs Magazine in the future, they can contact the magazine at

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