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CoECT Annual Conference: Meeting the needs of neurodiverse children in education settings.

In October, the COECT Schools team, were joined by Author and Attachment Therapist Sarah Dillon at the Annual CoECT Conference 2023; this year’s focus was education.  Sarah and Sair shared their experiences as parents navigating the education system at the conference. They discussed the challenges they faced and how this led to the creation of the A-Z of Trauma-informed Teaching book. Hannah and Sair also shared the journey of creating Wickselm House Learning Centre CIC.  The conference highlighted the impact of the education system on neurodiverse children and those who have experienced adverse childhood experiences.

Sarah and Sarah Dillon role-played school-related scenarios to emphasise the importance of understanding the root cause of a child’s behaviour. Daniel and Anne discussed therapeutic teaching using a trauma-informed approach and shared strategies and solutions for implementing this approach in schools. Hannah explained the workings of Wickselm House, an alternative education provision, and its success in bridging the gap for children. The conference then concluded with a Q&A session from the panel of speakers.

You can purchase a recorded version of the event here.

The Annual Conference for 2024 is being planned, and more details will be released next year. Stay tuned for updates!

You can read more about the conference in the next edition of TIPS which is out November 20th.

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