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Trauma-Informed Parents Magazine – Issue 3 out May 2023

This edition is packed full of articles including an article on Sibling Rivalry, where we look at navigating family life when therapeutically parenting siblings. We also take a look at the therapeutic parenting ethos, setting boundaries and how it is ok to say ‘No’.

To coincide with the increased interest and uptake of the new Therapeutic Fostering Assessment (TFA) we look at how the TFA can benefit fostering families and supporting professionals. Also, our resident Attachment Therapist, and former looked-after child in care Sarah Dillon, explores the terminology of language from a child in care’s perspective and the need for it to change to support the child’s internal working model.

We also have some exciting news from the CoECT Schools Team who have been busy for the past 18 months writing ‘The A-Z of Trauma-Informed Teaching’, which is to be published in August. The book will also be forming the focus of the CoECT conference this year, you can find more details of the book and the conference on pages 1 & 22 of this issue.

To read Issue 3 of the TIPs magazine you can subscribe here.

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