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Trauma-Informed Parenting Magazine – Issue 6 out November 20th 2023

Updated: Apr 24

Our National Conference in Coventry was a massive success, and we’re grateful for the parents, teachers, social workers, and alternative education providers who came together to support neuro-diverse children in education. The atmosphere was electric, and we felt positive about the changes we could make. We have included some of the conference’s highlights in a CoECT News Special on page 6.

Additionally, we focus on a topic that most of us can relate to – the quest for being the perfect parent. With the rise of social media, the pressure to showcase a flawless family life can be overwhelming. But let’s face it, how often is everything genuinely perfect? Join us as we explore the reality behind the picture-perfect moments on social media and delve deeper into the question of whether a perfect parent even exists.

As the holiday season approaches, we may need to navigate through transitions. Christmas can be challenging for both children and adults, especially from a sensory processing perspective, with the flashing or twinkling lights and social events with relatives, which can be overwhelming. In this issue, we will explore how to manage seasonal transitions.

Jessica, a therapeutic social worker and TBRI practitioner provides an introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention® and explains the process involved. Additionally, our wellbeing article delves into the topic of compassion fatigue and provides practical tips for preventing burnout. Mark, a parent, seasoned life coach and personal trainer, shares his insights on how exercise can serve as an effective stress reliever.

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