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Trauma-Informed Parenting Magazine – Issue 4 out July 2023

Next month brings the launch of the new A-Z of Trauma-informed Teaching book which the CoECT schools teamhave been working on. The book launches on 21st August and we are looking forward to sharing our perspectives, strategies and solutions relating to Trauma Informed Teaching at the Annual CoECT Conference in October. You are invited to our virtual launch event for the book on Monday 14 August, more details can be found on page 16 of this issue.

In this issue, we explore the benefits of therapy dogs with Rachael and her therapy dog Buddy. As the summer holidays approach we take a look at how to manage the summer holidays, with strategies to use before, during and after. Emma takes us through the basics of therapeutic parenting, and Amy tells her well-being journey. Also, our Ask the Experts section focuses on lying and stealing in this issue of the magazine.

To read the Issue 4 of the free online magazine subscribe here.

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