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New Schools Book Launch: The A-Z of Trauma- Informed Teaching.

What does trauma-informed teaching really look like in the classroom, and can we really achieve it?

We all have those days where we feel absolutely drained, struggling to find the energy to dive into a heavy theory book on trauma. Well, the CeOCT Schools Team have got some good news for you! We are excited to launch our new book The A-Z of Trauma Informed Teaching, which takes the format of Sarah Naish’s A- Z of Therapeutic Parenting whilst focusing on schools and the emotional age of the child.  The team who have joined Sarah Naish to write this book are Anne Oakley, Hannah O’Brien, Daniel Thrower and Sair Penna, all whom have worked with children in the school environment and also fostered an ethos of working with families to support their child’s educational journey.

This book doesn’t bombard you with complex jargon and theories but still helps you understand how our little humans develop and explain those puzzling behaviours we encounter in the classroom. And here’s the best part – it provides inclusive strategies that benefit ALL the children in your school and classroom!

Part 1

Part 1 of this book will introduce you to the world of trauma-informed teaching, breaking it down into easy-to-understand concepts. No more feeling overwhelmed by the subject! You’ll gain a solid grasp of what it means to be trauma-informed and how it can positively impact your teaching.

Part 2

Now, let’s talk about Part 2. This section is a game-changer for those busy moments when we’re juggling a million things simultaneously. It’s organised alphabetically, making it easy to find what you need. From Aggression to Lateness, Learning Challenges to Sleep Issues (Zzz), this book covers it all! It’s like having a quick reference guide right at your fingertips, ready to help you address any issue or behaviour that pops up in your classroom.

But here’s the real beauty of this book – it goes beyond just understanding and managing challenging behaviours. It’s about fostering a supportive environment that promotes the mental health and resilience of every child. It’s about creating a space where every child feels seen, heard, and understood.

So, if you’re ready to gain a fresh perspective on the children in your classroom and learn effective strategies to support their mental well-being better, this book is worth a read. It’s a powerful resource that will not only benefit you as a teacher but also make a significant impact on the lives of the children you teach. Let’s create a classroom where every child can thrive!

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