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Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (CoECT)

The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma (COECT) is a collaborative organisation that brings together resources, research, and knowledge from leading experts in the field of child trauma.

The companies operating under this umbrella share a common goal of supporting children and their families who have experienced early life trauma.

The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma strives to make positive changes within social care, education, parenting and family support to enable every child to overcome adverse experiences and flourish in life.


Who we are

The Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, education, and inspiration to individuals who work or live with child trauma.

We prioritise individuals who have undergone traumatic experiences during their childhood. We are dedicated to providing them with the most effective support and outcomes possible.


By combining our expertise and experience, we strive to make a significant positive difference in the lives of children who have experienced early life trauma and those who display neurodiverse characteristics. Furthermore, we aim to achieve this by equipping parents, caregivers, and other professionals supporting families with knowledge and support.

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Visit the organisation's website by clicking on their picture to learn more about their work.

COECT Annual Conference
Thursday 20th June 2024!



Date: Thursday 20th June 2024

Time: 10:00 - 15:00 (BST)

Location: Virtual 

Ticket Price: £10 plus VAT (includes virtual ticket and recording) 


Join Sarah Naish, Sarah Dillon, and Jane Mitchell for the essential and informative first steps guide to Therapeutic Parenting.

Therapeutic Parenting is a highly nurturing parenting approach. With empathy at it’s core. Therapeutic parenting uses firm but fair boundaries and routines to aid the development of new neural pathways in the brain so children may gain trust in adults.

This virtual conference will be great for those starting out and as a reminder for those further down the path with adoption, fostering and kinship.

Have you subscribed to our TIPs magazine yet? 

The COECT magazine launched in January 2023 and provides parents and professionals with a trauma-informed approach to parenting. This is an effective way of parenting all children and is especially significant for parents who are caring for children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences or children who are neurodivergent.

Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma
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